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Mandate and Objectives


 LIPA’s Mandate

The Liberia Institute of Public Administration (LIPA) is Liberia’s premier autonomous public service agency mandated by the Legislative   enactment to support capacity development in the public sector through training, research, and consultancy services. With huge demand for capacity building that extends beyond the public sector, the Institute has adopted a multi-dimensional approach by responding to the needs of the private sector and civil society. The Institute continues to support the Agenda for Transformation (AfT) through its regular training programs, conducting research and providing management and administrative advisory services to improve organizational performance.

Objectives of the Institute

Within the context of its mandate, the Institute seeks to achieve the following objectives: 

1. To operate the training programs for public servants in all its forms (pre-entry service training, on the job training) including the provision for basic academic background; such training programs shall cover the whole range of positions, and shall extend in particular to:

a. organize broad-based top to bottom in-service training programs for government employees;

b. develop training programs for middle and upper government employees;

2.  To create and improve capability needed for administering economic and social development programs;

3. To enunciate a career development program by identifying specific career ladders, encouraging in-service training, management internship and executive development programs and promotional programs based on merit;

4. To provide leadership and guidance to the agencies of government in developing more and better quality on-the-job training programs, and to serve as a research study group to study particular governmental , organizational, and management problem areas;

5. To study and review the indigenous situation and practices which affect social, economic and administrative development in Liberia;

6. To perform studies of systems and procedures and assist in making improvements: (a) government-wide, (b) inter-departmental in such matters as record keeping, forms control, document flow, work simplification, public relations and improve the administrative inter-relationships with national and international technical cooperation bodies;

7. To conduct research in administration in order to provide adequate, systematic and precise information in critical areas of government for the purposes of planning and administration with the overall view toward improvement; and,

8. To develop a library suitable for the needs of the research program and use of public officers.

Mission, Vision and Core Values

LIPA’s Mission

To provide capacity building support for sustained quality service delivery through training, research and consultancy services to the public and private sectors and civil society organizations”

LIPA's Vision

“To be the premier centre of excellence in capacity building for sustained quality service delivery”


LIPA’s Core Values

ü Professionalism & Quality Service

ü Integrity
ü Gender Equality
ü Partnership Building
ü Transparency & Accountability
ü Teamwork

                Our Clients

Owing to its mandate, crystallized by an emerging strategic vision, LIPA strives to provide quality service to a wide range of stake holding institutions and groups including, but not limited to: the Cabinet;  the Legislature;  the Judiciary; the Ministries; Autonomous Agencies; Development Partners/NGOs; Private Sector; Professional Bodies; and the Civil Society.


Institutional Collaboration

Since its establishment, the Institute has collaborated and continues to collaborate with a host of international development partner institutions such as United States Agency for International Development (USAID), The World Bank, the United Nation Development Program (UNDP), United Nation Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and other international non-governmental institutions. Importantly, the Institute is a member of a network body of management development institutes (MDIs) in Africa, including but not limited to, the African Management Development Institute Network (ADMIN); the West African Management Development Institute (WAMDEVI), and the African Association of Public Administration & Management (AAPAM). Currently, the Institute collaborates with partner institutes in the West African sub-region: the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA), the Administrative Staff College of Nigeria (ASCON), the Management Development Institute (MID) of The Gambia, and the Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM) of Sierra Leone. Together, these institutes drive the implementation of the Public Sector Management Training Program in the West African sub-region, sponsored by the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF). Over the last few years, Liberia, through the Institute and with support from the ACBF scholarship, has coordinated the training of over forty (40) specialists with master’s degree in Public Sector Management from the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration (GIMPA).


Hon. Oblayon Blayon Nyemah Director General
Hon. Oblayon Blayon Nyemah
FLORENCE GEEGBAE-DUKULY Deputy Director General, Administration
Deputy Director General, Administration
Mrs. Jarso Jallah-Saygbe Deputy Director General, Training
Mrs. Jarso Jallah-Saygbe
Deputy Director General, Training
 Profile of Mr. Charles G. R. Jarrett, Sr. Deputy Director General, Research & Consultancy
Profile of Mr. Charles G. R. Jarrett, Sr.
Deputy Director General, Research & Consultancy
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