2019 Training program

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Hon. Director General Professor Alexander Yonly

Hon. Deputy Director General for Administration Anthony Manneh Teah

Hon. Deputy Director General for Training and Manpower Development Amara Kamara

Internal and External Facilitators Liberia Institute of Public Administration

Graduates of LIPA

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen

All Protocols observed.

Today I have been chosen to deliver the Keynote Address at this historic event; perhaps not the first of its kind for me nor second; but certainly the most remarkable one that I may refer to again and again. You may ask why this one? My answer would resonate and sent echo waves in this building because this occasion is very special and dear to me and to the essence of nation building. I express therefore my gratitude to God first and to You, Hon. Alexander Yonly, Director General of the Liberia Institute of Public Administration for your choice of Keynote Speaker and not forgetting the Man behind this Occasion, Hon. Amara Kamara, Deputy Director General for Training and Manpower Development for his persistence and confidence in my ability to do justice to this assignment.

Distinguished ladies and gentlemen, let me begin this discourse by saying there are many challenges in life. Some of these challenges are the ones we are prepared for and some of them are challenges we may not have contemplated nor prepared for. But squarely put, this is what life is all about. Vicissitudes are bound to be experienced in the course of life. In both instances, it takes the willpower, perseverance, confidence and commitment to prevail; and it also takes a nonchalant posture to fail.

Like Sir Charles Darwin would say, “it is not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.” Similarly, the road to success which you are about to take by reasons of your preparedness today will not always be achieved by the most prepared or the most intelligent but that of the most committed and the most responsive person towards change and challenges.

You have walked the road of preparation to be where you are today; to sit in this graduation hall and to be eligible to make the change that your community, your institution and your nation and society craved for. Rest assure that they will therefore look up to you especially those of you that have been sponsored by agencies of government and the private sector to transform your preparation or knowledge attained into positive and deliverable actions. What you do with what you have acquired at LIPA will determine your place in your institution’s history and by large, the nation. What you don’t do with it will equally place you at the backburner of history with no legacy or foot prints. I therefore urge you to direct your energies and education to be a point of referral when great men are being sought for to change the dark course of history. This is what LIPA requires of you.

Our nation faces herculean challenges and great men are being sought to surmount those challenges. For over a century and seven decades, we have wallowed in these challenges without collective commitment to overcome them. This has led to persistent poverty and under development. Successive governments have come and gone, but the story has always remain the same. The question is why? Let me shock you. The answer to this question lies not within the purview of our leaders alone as we strongly believe, but also in us. And so, I put forth the question. What have been our commitment, attitude and contribution as a people to change and challenges? To what extent have we demonstrated nationalism or positively contributed to the development of our state? You do not need to be a political scientist to know that when a nation lacks innovate, nationalism and patriotism, the state is affected negatively. This has been our story over the years which we out rightly reject but prefer to see and identify the faults and failures of our leaders when in reality we ourselves sit in sedentary positions doing nothing to uplift the state; depending on the state to give to us; and drown ourselves in the rivers of murmuring, criticisms, campaigns of calumny, casting aspersions on leaders, and defacing our own country internationally because we believe our country is obligated to us and not us obligated to it. When you have a land and plow not, plant not, you will only harvest grass and weeds which cannot be useful to you. We as citizens have our roles to play in national development. Our roles buttress government efforts.

Let me remind us that John Fitzgerald Kennedy challenge to Americans have transformed the thinking of Americans regarding their country. “Ask not what your country can do for you; but rather ask what you can do for your country.” That was a profound question that trigger in every American self-enterprise. They did not reject the challenge nor politicized it as we would do. What can we say about our attitudes as Liberians towards our country? What can we write about to demonstrate our love for Liberia? Are we asking this profound fundamental question that would trigger a revolutionary transformation of our country or are we projecting an attitude that takes us back to another century while nations around us are speeding into 21st century transformation?

With no doubt and question in mind, I am persuaded that this graduating class of LIPA is receiving certificates and diplomas to make a difference to the current Liberian discourse. You are instruments of efficiency and productivity prepared to build strong and vibrant state institutions. You are instruments of change; of enterprise and transformation. You are instruments fashioned to ensure the success of the Government pro poor policy. You are instruments of reliability, integrity and transparency. You are instruments of support and of unity. Indeed you are instruments to catapult Liberia to an honorable and respectable place within the comity of nation. Above all, you are the strength of LIPA, its mandate and its visibility. Deliver therefore what LIPA has taught you and you will score excellence and promotion at your various institutions.

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen; Graduating Class: LIPA is Government premier institution mandated by Act of Legislature to build the capacity of government employees of high and lower levels. It is further mandated to study systems, policies and advice on indigenous issues that truncate governance. Our duty is to conduct research into institutional problems to determine system weakness, threat, strength and opportunity. However, these responsibilities are challenged by bottle-necks which prevents LIPA from fully performing its legal mandate. Until LIPA is given a walk-in privilege into MACs to execute its mandates without hindrances, government institutions may face capacity building and capacity development problems. This clarion call is to heads of MACs.

DISTINGUISHED LADIES AND GENTLEMEN: Permit me to speak on a greater problem that Liberia is faced with. Without fear of contradiction and persecution, let me be bold to say that Liberians have become more divisive today than ever before in the existence of our country. It appears truer than false that the change that sparked years of dichotomy and destruction has become the worst ever anticipated. This is very dangerous and counter-productive to every good thing Liberians desire. Education and enlightenment are meant to build a great nation; unite its people and not to destroy every step forward in building a great nation. The enlightened has the responsibility to ensure a nation of growth and development. The Liberian case is different. Those that are enlightened have created dark clouds over the nation and are leading the people into paths that generate division, bitterness, hate and violence. I challenge you today. You cannot and must not follow such path. You must break the yoke for Liberia depends on you. You must be seen as a case of success; a case of unanimity; a case of hope and a case of national commitment and enterprise to ensure that President George Manneh Weah’s economic and infrastructural programs succeed. You must become a product of hope for change.

Our national anthem makes it emphatically clear that “IN UNITY, SUCCESS IS SURE.” Any diversion from this national song is unpatriotic and unnationalistic. We cannot afford as a nation to speak from the two sides of our jaws if sincerely we desire the change and the development we want. At major programs we sing the anthem; but our actions speak divisiveness. We must understand that development is not a one person responsibility. It is collective and only with collectivity can we anchor on the shores of infrastructural and human development.

This collective spirit protects our national pride and we must give our lives in the process of defending it. On the contrary, we will sink deeper into abject poverty and chaos if our attitudes towards the institution of Government continue to destroy our national pride and make us a nation of jesters in the eyes of the international community to whom we run for collaboration. We cannot repeat a detestable history that mobilize the entire world on our shores. We must prove that we were in error and have learned from our bitter error.

Understandably, Liberians cherish democracy and the exercise of fundamental rights including political rights. But we must understand that it is the duty of responsible citizens to distinguish fundamental rights from political actions that stifle economic and social development and drive away nations that would assist us. We cannot be our own doom and flee to other nations that we have more respect for. We condemn ourselves if we do. For God has given us the same five senses as those nations. We must strive to utilize them. We need to understand that where our rights end, others rights begin there. Not to recognize this fact, the exercise of our rights unwisely would infringe on the rights of others and national development efforts. Fellow Liberians, though it is impossible to go back to make a brand new start, but we can surely make a brand new ending, says Carl Bard. In order to make this brand new ending, we must first remove ourselves from the culture of individualism. We must imbibe the virtue of collectivity. It is never too late to be what we might have been. Success does not consist in never making mistakes but in never making the same one a second time.

In closing, I wish to appreciate the President of the Republic of Liberia, His Excellency Dr. Dr. George Manneh Weah for his courage to brave where no other Liberian leader have braved; to cross frontiers that have been difficult for past leaders. His strength in the midst of adverse voices is amazing. It’s a God giving strength and he’s the hand of God upon Liberia’s prosperity which we must all respect. I wish to thank him for the preferment of Professor Alexander Yonly as Director General who has brought new innovation and motivation to LIPA. We appreciate the President for giving us the opportunity to be a part of this great change that is sweeping across the nation. I salute you the graduates and facilitators today. If what we have spoken here to you today are digested in good faith, you will all be a part of Liberia’s history when it is written. Walk out of here without fearing failure in doing the right things. As I leave this stage, permit me to leave with you the wise words of Francis Chan: “Our greatest fear should not be our failure but at succeeding at things in life that don’t really matter.”


I thank You.

LIPA Puts Out 616 Graduates

The Liberia Institute of Public Administration (LIPA) on Tuesday, December 18, 2018, graduated 616 participants at a program marking the Formal Graduation ceremony of the 2018 2nd and 3rd Quarter Training Cycles.

The ceremony was held at the University of Liberia’s Capitol Hill Campus Auditorium. This followed several weeks of intensive hands-on and practical training of participants at LIPA’s Mamba Point Training Facilities.

As the Premier Center of Excellence in Capacity Building For Sustainable Development in the Republic of Liberia, LIPA offers training in a vast array of disciplines including

Public Procurement and Management; Internal Audit and Control; Public Financial Management; Monitoring and Evaluation; Project Planning and Management; Human Resource Management; Administrative Management; Banking and Finance; Customer Service and Marketing amongst others.

Serving as Keynote Speaker at the Graduation Ceremony, LIPA’s Deputy Director General for Research, Consultancy and Library & Information Services, Hon. D. Wa Hne told the Participants that their success would largely depend on their willingness and preparedness to bring about the necessary change in their communities and Liberia at large.

“You have walked the road of preparation to be where you are today; to sit in this graduation hall and to be eligible to make the change that your community, your institution and your nation and society craved for. Rest assured that they will therefore look up to you, especially those of you that have been sponsored by Agencies of Government and the Private Sector to transform your preparation or knowledge attained into positive and deliverable actions” he admonished the graduates.

“What you do with what you have acquired at LIPA will determine your place in your institution’s history and by large the nation” he added.

For his part the Director General of LIPA Professor Alex Yonly congratulated the graduates for the hard work and the discipline exhibited through out the training process. Professor Yonly urged the graduates to serve as change agents as they go into the larger society.

He told the graduates that their participation into LIPA’s training programs demonstrates their quest for knowledge; an appreciable endeavor where skills and expertise gained will be applicable. The LIPA boss further assured the graduates that under the Public Sector Modernization Project LIPA is going to fully provide quality capacity building services to Public and Civil Servants through out the length and breadth of Liberia.


What Are The Key Elements for Public Sector Excellence?

Internal trainers of LIPA together with their Swedish counterpart for the past two days have been discussing the key elements for Public Sector excellence and how to integrate these in LIPA courses.

The training which focused on the adherence to the Rule of Law principles and Professional conduct for Public Servants runs from December 12-13, 2018.

The in-depth training is a continuation of previous working meetings and workshops between LIPA and FBA as part of the bilateral development cooperation strategy between Sweden and Liberia.

The LIPA trainers represented the areas of Public Administration including Public Financial Management, Records Management, Internal Audit and Control and Public Procurement Management.


LIPA Trainers Benefit From A TOT With Swedish FBA

The Folke Bernadotte Academy (FBA) a Swedish Agency for Peace, Security and Development in collaboration with the Liberia Institute of Public Administration (LIPA) has ended a two day Training of Trainers for Internal Trainers and Facilitators of LIPA.

The training which was conducted at the Cape Hotel in Mamba Point from December 10-11, 2018, was intended for participants to share their experiences as course facilitators and to identify and apply methods to support effective learning.

The training brought together 18 internal facilitators of LIPA.

A second TOT will be conducted between December 13-14, 2018 on Rule of Law and professional conduct in the Public Administration. The TOT is for Internal Trainers from the courses on Public Administration, Procurement, Internal Audit and Control, Records Management and Public Financial Management.

LIPA Management Presents Proposal To House Speaker

The Management of the Liberia Institute of Public Administration (LIPA) on Monday, December 3, 2018 presented a proposal for review and possible consideration to >House Speaker Dr. Baffah Chambers at his Capitol office in Monrovia.

Presenting the proposal on behalf of the Management of LIPA, the Director General of the Institute Professor Alex Yonly firstly thanked Speaker Baffah Chambers for accepting the call of LIPA to address the concept and proposal presented to his office by the Institute.

Professor Yonly in his presentation outlined some of the successes and challenges of the Institute which he believes can be addressed by National Government.

Professor Yonly noted that despite these challenges, LIPA’s key agenda has been decentralization something he said the Institute has succeeded in establishing a Regional Training center in Buchanan ,Grand Bassa County.

The LIPA Director General further said, that the Institute recently held formal opening program for the resumption of training activities at the Buchanan Training Center bringing together Partners and Stakeholders including the UNDP, Carter Center and others.

He said, the key component of the proposal highlights the E-Learning Platform that LIPA is about to introduce shortly. According to Director General Yonly before the implementation of the E-Learning platform there will be an executive seminar to educate Public and Civil Servants on the usage of the platform.

The LIPA boss has meanwhile reiterated plan by his administration to take LIPA from a capacity building to that of a capacity development Institution.

Receiving the proposal House Speaker Dr. Baffah Chambers assured the LIPA team that the House will do everything possible to address their concern so as to able the Institute execute its mandate effectively.


International Computer Driving License Training to Shortly Begin At LIPA

The Liberia Institute of Public Administration(LIPA) is to shortly begin the teaching of International Computer Driving License (ICDL) during its regular training Cycle.

In a brief power point presentation to the Management team of LIPA recently, the coordinator of the Training Mr. Michael Hny said, the International Computer Driving license training is intended to drive interested participants through the various applications within the micro soft suit.

Mr. Hny said, ICDL is important because, it makes one internationally recognized after that person has receive a certificate from the training. He further stated that the training will also help participants improve on the job, thereby making them efficient and productive.

According to Hny, if one goes through the ICDL training successfully they will not need to call on an IT personnel to address issues relating to computer set up and other IT related problems.

Mr. Hny who also give a brief history of the ICDL said, the program started in Liberia in 1997, stating that it was then called the European Computer Driving license (ECDL) and was used in about 150 countries including Europe.

He said, with the inclusion of Liberia in the program the number will now be increased to 151 countries.


Folke Bernadotte Academy Delegation Holds Talk With LIPA Management

A four man delegation from the Folke Bernadotte Academy based in Sweden recently held talks with the Management team of LIPA.

The delegation headed by the Director General of the FBA Mr. Sven-Eric Soder firstly congratulated the Director General of LIPA Professor Alex Yonly for his preferment and expressed delight in working with LIPA to build a strong partnership.

Mr. Soder also stressed the importance of peace and stability through the rule of law, noting that there has been a long standing relationship between LIPA and the FBA.

The FBA Director General however disclosed that his Institution and LIPA will shortly sign a memorandum of understanding , which will include the Rule of Law into LIPA’s Training program.

For his part the Director General of LIPA Professor Alex Yonly pledged his Institution support to continuously collaborate with the FBA. He further stressed that the need for collaboration between the two institutions cannot be over emphasized.

The LIPA boss has however expressed his institution willingness to uphold unto the partnership between both institutions.


E-Learning Platform To Be Introduce At LIPA Soon

The Liberia Institute of Public Administration (LIPA) is expected to introduceE-Learning platform into its training program soon.

The platform according to LIPA Director of IT Mr. Christian Brown, will afford participants and facilitators the opportunity to go online to access information about the various courses offered at the Institute.

Mr. Brown in a power point presentation to the LIPA Management said, the e-learning platform will basically target those participants who may not have the time to come to LIPA to under go their training.

He said, those participants who will have interest in doing their courses on line will be trained how to go about their registration and other information they need to know about LIPA on the platform.

For his part, LIPA Director General Professor Alex Yonly commended the IT Director Mr. Christian Brown for the great job in creating this platform, but wants an urgent orientation conducted for facilitators and participants in making use of the platform.


GC Delegation Pays Courtesy Visit To LIPA Director General

A two man delegation from the Governance Commission (GC) on last Friday October 19, 2018 paid a courtesy visit to the office of the Director General of LIPA Professor Alex Yonly.

The GC delegation headed by its Acting Chairman Dr. Othello Gongar in a brief acquaintance meeting first congratulated Professor Alex Yonly for his preferment as Director General of LIPA by the President, his Excellence Dr. George Manneh Weah.

The Meeting among other things discussed the revamping of the tripod between LIPA, CSA and the GC.

For his part, LIPA Director General Professor Alex Yonly expressed delight in working with the GC and the CSA in meeting the goal of Modernizing the Public Sector.

As part of effort in modernizing the Public Sector, the Liberia Institute of Public Administration (LIPA) was mandated to train about five hundred Civil Servants from pilot Ministries, Agencies and Commissions of Government under the Public Sector Modernization Project (PSMP), while the Civil Service Agency and the Governance Commission are responsible for employment services and policy making and review respectively.


LIPA Lunches New Five Years Strategic Plan Process

The Liberia Institute of Public Administration (LIPA) on Tuesday, October 23, 2018 lunched the process leading to the development of the Institute's five years strategic Plan. The program which was held in the conference room of LIPA, brought together the Management team and other senior staff of the Institute.

Making remarks at the official lunching, the Chairman of the LIPA Strategic Planning Committee Mr. Christian Weeks called on those involve in the planning process to make their inputs so as to enable the committee come up with a plan that will guard the Institute for the next five years.

He also used the occasion urging heads of various departments and units to encourage their staff to get involved in the process.

In separate remarks, the Deputies for Administration, Training and Research at LIPA lauded the committee for its hard work in starting the process to develop a revised five year strategic plan for the Institute and encouraged all stakeholders in the planning process to be objective in outlining those things that can be achieved over the next five years.

For his part, LIPA Director General Professor Alex Yonly thanked the committee for their hard work in starting the process of developing a strategic plan for the Institute. According to Professor Yonly, the strategic Plan is more like a role map of what LIPA as an Institute would want to achieve over a giving period.

He termed the development of the five year strategic plan as a good beginning for LIPA, saying ‘it gives clues of the essential growth and developmental drive of the Institute.’ The LIPA Director General among other things disclosed that the Management in consultation with other senior staff is going to be looking at the Strength, Weakness, Opportunity and Threats (SWOT) analysis of the Institute which will include the various departments and units to be presented to the committee for inclusion in the strategic plan.

At the end of the planning process, LIPA staff should be able to understand the methodology, approaches, techniques and strategies that will be implored in the revision and development of the Institute’s 5-year sustainability rolling strategic plan.

Speaking at the Observance of International Right to know Day...

The Director General of the Liberia Institute of Public Administration (LIPA) Professor Alexander Yonly said, access to information and social opportunities are considered very viable in Public Administration and the rule of law.

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LIPA Awards Certificates to 130 Civil Servants ...

LIPA Awards Certificates to 130 Civil Servants

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LIPA Certificates 14 Budget and Planning Officers ...

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Ethics and Intergrity Courses Offered this Training Circle.

Readmission to a Masters' Degree in Public Sector Managment
Readmission to a Masters' Degree in Public Sector Managment
Admission to a Masters' Degree in Public Sector Management
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